SINTEL attaches great importance to the sharing of common rules, practices and principles in matters of ethics, social responsibility and environmental protection. We are proud to have won the Ecodis label

This policy is defined by commitments:

01 Diversity
  1. Commit to recruiting without discrimination, respecting and valuing the diversity of backgrounds, cultures and origins.
  2. Ensure equal treatment and opportunities for everyone.
  3. Support the professional inclusion of people with disabilities by setting up partnerships, having offices adapted to PMR standards, raising awareness among all our employees to reconcile professional and ethical requirements.
02 Solidarity
  1. Partnership with employment assistance associations, professional reintegration associations, etc.
  2. Solidarity sporting events…
03 Ecology
  1. Reduce your ecological footprint.
  2. Make our employees aware of environmental issues and the adaptation of their daily behavior.
04 The well-being
  1. Offices with convivial spaces promoting exchange and the development of quality relationships in the professional context.
  2. Tele-work. We offer our team the possibility of working remotely on a regular and voluntary basis.
05 Professional career management
  1. Promote the development of skills
  2. Assign a dedicated contact
  3. Follow, advise and coach each of our temporary workers …