Who we are?

Sintel is a team of passionate professionals, each with hands-on experience within their specialist area. Their strength lies in flexibility to adapt and meet the needs of a constantly changing market. With the rise of digital and social channels, new businesses and specialisms have emerged. Sintel has evolved in step with these developments, restructuring as needed to maintain our vision whilst retaining our identity.

Relationships are at the heart of every assignment, and we strive to become genuine partners to both clients and candidates.

Our Vision

What makes us different

Through its approach and positioning, Sintel stands out from its competitors. Sintel is large and structured enough to manage ambitious missions but remains on a human scale to create and then maintain a relationship of trust. Each mission is managed by a recruitment manager who knows the sector in which he recruits. Two words define Sintel, Passion and Commitment.

The Sintel Group

Sintel is a subsidiary of Berli Holdings, an independent group dedicated to H.R. industries. Other member companies include Kijo, the model agency.

Our intention is that Sintel continues to expand across new industries and services as our clients’ needs develop, and maintains it’s position as an independent market leader.

Our Team

Our References

Les plus grandes enseignes de l’univers du luxe nous font confiance depuis plus de 15 ans mais également, entre autres, des grands noms de la publicité, de l’agro-alimentaire, des laboratoires pharmaceutiques et des entreprises du secteur public. N’hésitez pas à nous solliciter pour plus de détails.