About us

Sintel is a team of passionate professionals, each with hands-on experience within their specialist area. Their strength lies in flexibility to adapt and meet the needs of a constantly changing market. With the rise of digital and social channels, new businesses and specialisms have emerged. Sintel has evolved in step with these developments, restructuring as needed to maintain our vision whilst retaining our identity.

Relationships are at the heart of every assignment, and we strive to become genuine partners to both clients and candidates.

Our Story

Sintel was founded in 1987 with a singular focus on interim staffing for the service sector. Over the years, we’ve expanded to cater to fashion, beauty and supply chain industries, driven largely by client demand.

Having become a leader in outsourced HR functions within France, Sintel is expanding globally, with international assignments across talent search, HR and Transitional Management.

Our Vision

Putting people first

People are our greatest asset and our absolute focus.

A unique
recruitment process

We offer a rigorous selection process, with a personalised approach to each and every candidate.

Working with passion

Our professionalism goes without saying, but our passion is what makes us stand out.

A responsible approach

At Sintel, professional ethics are proudly upheld, alongside a range of Corporate & Social Responsibility and entrepreneurship-based initiatives.

Long-term relationships

We strive to develop trust-based relationships with all of our stakeholders: staff, candidates, clients and affiliates.

Tried and tested methods

Our working process, developed with our clients' feedback, has been proven over the years to achieve optimum results.

What makes us different

Sintel’s strength lies in having the scale to undertake major assignments, whilst retaining a personal touch. This, and the passion and commitment our staff sets us apart from our competitors.

The Sintel Group

Sintel is a subsidiary of Berli Holdings, an independent group dedicated to H.R. industries. Other member companies include Kijo, the model agency.

Our intention is that Sintel continues to expand across new industries and services as our clients’ needs develop, and maintains it’s position as an independent market leader.

Our Team

Our References

Sintel has been a trusted partner for more than 15 years to some of the world’s most noted luxury brands, as well as those within advertising, food processing, pharmaceutical and public sectors. Ask us for details.